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LWD Case Study- Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore

Tia Robinson | 05/01/2015





Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore (AKA: “The Harley® Shop in Baltimore”) have been taking good care of their customers for many years.  Tina Jarman, Marketing Manager of Harley-Davidson® of Baltimore was looking for a way to generate a dominant online reputation while leveraging that reputation with ‘social proof’.  It’s a well-known fact that what your customers say about you will always be more compelling than what you say about yourself.






During the LWD Performance Coaching sessions, we activated the auto-posting feature of the LWD program.   This FREE feature enables the first two 5-star reviews that are generated on their custom review site ( each day to automatically post to the H-D® of Baltimore Facebook page.  There are no strings around their finger to remember to share those posts.  They happen daily…and automatically.





This powerful, yet brilliantly simple, process allows the authentic reviews from H-D® of Baltimore’s review site to post automatically to the 2,200+ fans they currently have on their Facebook page.  Imagine the impact those reviews have on


their potential customers.  In fact, an average of 60% of Facebook fans will eventually make a purchase from a business based on the reputation built through that social media channel. 


Want to generate authentic and compelling social proof to set you apart from your competition and then have it automatically shared on your Facebook page to connect your positive online reputation to your social media outlet?  The Local Web Dominator program can help.  Give us a call today so we can show you how it works: 877-242-4472.



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