Ask Tory: What is Firestorm Website Tracking?

Tory Hornsby | 07/06/2017


In my last article, I wrote about the main purpose of your website.  Remember what it is?


The primary purpose of your website is to identify its visitors and generate leads.  All other functions are secondary. 

I also wrote about the 3 primary ways you can identify more visitors and get more leads:


1. Increase Traffic to Your Website – More visitors equal more leads.

2. Increase Conversion Rates – Converting a higher percentage of traffic means more leads.

3. Utilize Firestorm Website Tracking – Identifying anonymous website visitors for effective follow-up.


In this article, I’ll go into more detail on using Firestorm Website Tracking to increase sales.


First, let’s cover the high-level math. The average powersports dealer gets around 4,000 website visitors each month. Of course, it varies from dealer to dealer, month to month, with an increase during the riding season, but 4,000 website visitors per month is pretty spot on as an average.


The conversion rate for a dealer’s website is typically at 2% (or less). This means 2% of a dealer’s website traffic will fill out a form and identify who they are. So, a website with 4,000 visitors will generate around 80 leads each month. While there are outliers who have a higher conversion rate, 2% is on the high-side. 


Website providers and SEO companies have historically focused on generating more traffic and/or increasing conversion rate. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, they should be trying to improve in these areas. The problem is it’s their exclusive focus. Here’s why…


It would be a real success to grow a dealer’s monthly website visits by 25%. It’s almost unheard of. That would mean an average website with 4,000 visits would grow to 5,000. 


It would also be a real success for a dealer to grow their conversion rate to 3%. A website with 5,000 website visitors at a 3% conversion rate would provide a dealer with 150 leads!  That’s 70 additional leads, which would be great, but still leaves us with an underlying challenge. So, even if you killed it with 150 leads, there would still be 4,850 unidentified website visitors each month who are totally anonymous. 


This raises a great question... how can we identify who more of those anonymous visitors are?  Especially the ones looking at your inventory! 


This is what Firestorm Website Tracking does. We identify anonymous website traffic and report each day on who was looking at new and used inventory on your website… and a little bit of success goes a long way. For instance, identifying 20% of your anonymous traffic would mean you’ve uncovered 970 customers (4,850 x 20%).  


We’ve done a soft rollout of this exciting new product to some of our Local Web Dominator clients and the results are impressive. Below is a sampling of 20 dealers from today’s reporting. The first column is the dealership’s name, which I’ve smudged to hide them. The second column is the number of people who used to be anonymous, but our clients now know who they are. The third column is the number of identified customers who looked at inventory on the dealers’ website yesterday!


Imagine getting an email each morning with a list of customers who were actively looking at new and used inventory on your website yesterday. I can’t think of a better daily list for your sales team to call… and we’ve got the perfect word tracks for them to use.


For more details on Firestorm Website Tracking, give me a call 1-877-242-4472. 


- Tory



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