ASK TORY: I’m Looking for Something Fresh and New in Marketing, What Do You Recommend?

Tory Hornsby | 07/01/2015


As most know, we got our start owning and operating a 4-store group of dealers in the Atlanta, GA metro area.  Those stores weren’t for sale, but we were pursued by a conglomerate of Powersports dealers and made an offer that Rod couldn’t refuse. So, we started Dealership University, the training arm of our company. We began offering training on the subject of marketing and offered our first Marketing Boot Camp in 2008. 


During a pretty intense session on Digital Marketing one of the attending Dealer Principals raised their hand and asked me, “How much for the fish sandwich?” He mentioned that he appreciated all he was learning (teaching him how to fish) and that he had plenty to implement when he got back. But, he just wanted to “buy the fish sandwich” and let us to handle some of the marketing he knew we’d be better at performing than he would.  It wasn’t long after this question that both the Sharp Shooter and Local Web Dominator programs were born. 



Over the years we have upgraded, optimized, and continued to add value to both of these programs and they answer the question, “What marketing would you guys do if you still owned a dealership today?”


The freshest, most profitable marketing that is quantifiable and has a proven track record of generating a positive R.O.I. that has been utilized by over 600 dealers across the country is found in these two programs… the Sharp Shooter, and the Local Web Dominator.


• We target the people in your market area who are most likely to respond and buy.

• Several media are used to reach that group of people, increasing response rates.

• You receive a list of responders (often hundreds of people) who tell you what they are interested     in buying right now – generating leads for every department. 

• Your staff calls these folks up and schedules     

  appointments. Boom goes the dynamite… and   

  your R.O.I.

• On top of the list of leads we’re able to generate 

 a really nice amount of floor traffic, which    

 increases sales.


We also provide staff training and word tracks to make life easier for the leadership team of the dealership. If you’re not taking advantage of this program right now, you’re wasting your Marketing Budget on something that doesn’t work as well. You can and will get better results with the Sharp Shooter program. 


• Makes you the logical choice to do business with  

  in your local market area.

• Targets folks who are online right now searching 

   for what you sell and are in your market. 



• Generates leads you are currently missing out 

  on from prospects who are lower in the ‘sales 

  funnel’. These leads are actively looking to buy!

• Grows authentic customer reviews on Google.

• Increase conversions on your website.

• Boost your SEO and Page Rank.

• Provides an email system that has ‘Done For You’ content pre-loaded in it.

• And a lot more.


The vast majority of folks go online and do research before they make a purchase. With the Local Web Dominator program your dealership will be poised to gain new market share as well as increase the purchases from past customers.

Again, the programs are the freshest marketing that your dealership can do, and they both produce quantifiable results and a positive R.O.I.  Does your current marketing?  


Also, if you’d like to join us for one of our infamous Marketing Boot Camps mark your calendar for October 26th – 28th and join us in Atlanta. For only $249 (Early Bird Special through August 31st) this is the biggest no-brainer in the history of earth. Visit for more info or to sign up.


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