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Case Study - Cowboy Harley-Davidson® -Austin, TX

Tia Robinson | 10/17/2016




The team at Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Austin are proud of the incredible level of service they offer to all their customers, which is evidenced by the thousands of incredible reviews on their review site and on their Google listing. In spite of their massive 53,000 sq. ft. showroom (which is quite impressive), they strive to maintain that ‘small town shop’ feeling.  Every member of the dealership makes an effort to treat their customers like family.  And it shows. One way they win over the local Harley riders is by the fantastic events they host at the dealership.  Everyone loves a party – and the folks at Cowboy H-D of Austin are no exception.  One of their objectives is to make sure their local riding community knows all about their upcoming events and feels like a welcomed member of the Cowboy family.



Marketing Manager, Andrea Gutierrez, has the responsibility of creating compelling email marketing messages each week to ensure her customer database stays updated on all the upcoming events. Cowboy Harley-Davidson wants their customers to ‘feel the love’, so they have a strategy for sending emails that are interesting and that focus on the party (not a stuffy corporate message all about finance offers).


For anyone that’s had the ‘privilege’ of creating marketing emails, they understand that staring at a white screen trying to be compelling and creative each and every week is a HUGE challenge.  That’s why Andrea jumped into the Firestorm Email system within the Local Web Dominator Program and started cranking out killer emails using the powersports-specific, pre-made themed templates.   Now, in a matter of minutes (not hours), Andrea’s able to touch base with her entire customer list at least once a week to share the cool events that are happening at the dealership.



There have been rumors around the marketing world for years that indicate that email marketing is dead (being replaced with more shiny, exciting things like Social Media and mobile apps).  But, both the Cowboy H-D of Austin team and their customers can attest to just how wrong those rumors are.  The emails being sent out of the Firestorm email program are using email marketing best practices, with killer creative graphics, wrapped in a theme that customers are excited to open and read.  And as such, they’ve seen some incredible results.  


For the month of September, Cowboy Harley-Davidson of Austin sent 6 emails to their customer database (a list of more than 9,000 customers).  Each email had an average open rate of 15% which is right on par with the industry average.  However, the really exciting part of the data is the Click Rate.  Click Rates in email marketing are kind of like Click Through Rates for Search Engine Marketing.  Impressions (AKA: Open rate) are really good to have, but the real traction happens when folks click on your email and visit your website for more information.  The industry standard for click rates range between 2-6%.  The average click rates for Cowboy H-D is between 8-13%!  WHOA!  It’s amazing what happens when the marketing emails are sent regularly, using email marketing best practices, and focus on the party (not just the finance offers).


Want to have an email marketing program that was created exclusively for the Powersports industry, has pre-populated images and ad copy, and generates killer results?  Firestorm is a FREE component of the Local Web Dominator program.  Give us a call today at 877-242-4472 and we’ll be happy to show you around.


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