Ask Tory: Are Firestorm Websites really a better option, or is it just another option?

Tory Hornsby | 09/05/2017

 Before we began working on the Firestorm Website platform, we started with a simple question: What is the main purpose of a website?


I’ve asked hundreds of dealers this question over the years at OEM trade shows, our Marketing Boot Camps and in one-on-one meetings. The answers I’ve received include: digital brochure; virtual showroom; online/silent sales person; the new yellow pages; map, hours and contact info; branding – to help get my name out there & more.


While your website may at some level serve all the above points, none of them are the ‘main’ purpose. Here’s why. If the main purpose of your website is to be an online brochure or virtual showroom, you’re done. You can put a check beside it. There’s nothing to improve. 


But that’s not the case. The fact is that the main purpose of your website is to Generate Leads & Identify its Visitors. All other functions are secondary.  


From the foundation, we’ve specifically developed the Firestorm Website platform to generate more web leads & identify more anonymous website visitors each month. We are revolutionizing the way web leads are received, and our conversion-point is second to none. 


We’ve heard dealer after dealer speak about their frustration with the quality of the web leads they receive. Sales people and sales managers often have a sense of apathy/indifference with internet leads because most only want your “best price out the door.” 


It doesn’t have to be that way… Firestorm Websites generate better quality leads. Imagine your salespeople being excited to follow-up with prospects again because they’re not expecting a discount every time.


Our Lead Manager enables a quick and easy way to qualify leads; log calls, notes & store visits; set follow-up tasks; and track the progress of the sale. When it comes to internet leads, it’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow.


Plus, when Firestorm Websites are combined with Firestorm Onboarding, we identify anonymous visitors who are looking at inventory each day. We send your team a daily report of those customers that viewed inventory the day before, and we train your staff how to follow-up with them. This produces a quantifiable increase in unit sales – guaranteed. 


In terms of Inventory Management, we integrate with the major DMS platforms and automatically add your inventory to the website for you. This means that after a new or pre-owned unit is entered in to your DMS it’s automatically added to your website’s inventory!  


Then, our VIN Decoding feature adds all of the specifications and an image of each unit without you having to click a mouse or touch a keyboard. Boom goes the dynamite!


If that’s not enough to make you want to see a demo, every Firestorm Website client has access to our Back Office Mobile App where they can take live pictures of inventory and instantly add it to your website while standing on your showroom floor. No more downloading images from your camera, sorting through them, renaming them, only to have to login and upload them to each unit on your website. If you load 20 images to the inventory page of each in-stock unit, your staff is wasting hours every week. There’s a much more efficient way.


Every Firestorm Website has a fully responsive design that gives visitors a consistent experience with the same content on all devices. Our coding and site engineering are the most up-to-date technology that’s prescribed by Google and other search engines. Our client’s websites rank higher because of this.


All Firestorm Websites feature an SSL Security Certificate for additional security. SSL Certificates also boost Page Rank, and Google favors secure sites over those that aren’t. 


There’s plenty more to show you in a demo, but I’ll mention one last benefit. Our clients have full, open access to all controls, settings and design in the Firestorm Website control panel. If you’d rather not DIY, our Client Success team are here to get it done for you – fast!


For a quick demo of these features and more, call 1-877-242-4472 or go to: 


- Tory

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