Ask Tory: Business has fallen off the past couple of months and we’re down; any tips on boosting sales?

Tory Hornsby | 10/22/2019

Out of anyone in the world, who’s most likely to buy a unit from you right now?  Hands down, it’s the prospect standing on your showroom floor. 

Who is the second most likely person to buy a unit from you right now?  It’s the folks browsing inventory on your website (your virtual showroom). 

While I have a lot to say about increasing your closing ratio for customers who are already at the dealership, in this article we’ll hone in on the second type – people browsing inventory on your virtual showroom.  I’ll warn you that this is an advanced subject, but if you’ll follow me for a minute you’ll discover a new type of lead that’s grossly underutilized.

On average, only about 2% of your website traffic fills out a form and identifies who they are, and not all of them are sales leads.  Do the math and that’s 98% or your website traffic that remains anonymous.  You have no idea who’s on your website unless they fill out a form. 

Here’s the crazy compelling part…  here is breakdown of page views for the typical dealership:

• Inventory/Sales Pages: 80% 

• Home Page: 15%

• All Other Pages Combined: 5%

Bingo! Of the 98% who don’t fill out a form, most of them are looking at your inventory!

Based on the huge gap between the 80% of prospects viewing inventory pages on your website and the 2% who fill out a form, we realized something had to be done.  Therefore, we developed our Firestorm Onboarding system. 

Once activated, we’re able to begin identifying past customers who are browsing inventory on your website, even if they don’t fill out a form! Whether your website generates 20 leads per month or more than 200, we’ll identify hundreds of additional customers looking at inventory. 

This is exciting because all customers fall into 3 phases:

Phase 1: Ready to buy right now, just waiting for the right moment. With good marketing, they’re more likely make a move and buy from you.

Phase 2: Planning to buy somewhere between 2 weeks and 12 months. Left to their own timeline they’ll procrastinate, but with good marketing you can advance their buying cycle.   

Phase 3: Will not be buying another unit for at least 1 year out.

Of these 3 phases, which ones would be browsing inventory on your website? 

It’s not Phase 3 customers because they’re at least a year out from purchasing. So, they’re not really doing any research yet. That means it must be customers in phases 1 and 2, which makes complete sense. People don’t often waste time researching/browsing things they’re not interested in buying in the near future. 

Our Firestorm Website Tracking system sends you a list every day of the Phase 1 & 2 customers we’ve identified so you can market to them and increase the chances they buy from you. In fact, we automatically email these folks a Buy Back email, or another customized message. 

These emails are sent out automatically every day only to customers who’ve visited inventory pages on your website. You don’t have to lift a finger. The email comes from a person at your dealership, usually the Sales Manager, with an offer you’ve approved. Then, our most successful clients take the next step of having a salesperson follow-up to make sure they received the email and move them to the next step, which is hopefully a visit to the dealership.

While the email is triggered by a website visit, we don’t mention it. Both the email and the phone call have the feeling of, “we’re reaching out to some of our customers and you were next on my list.” We even provide a script and training to the Salesperson who’ll be following-up with this new type of lead.

If you want to quantifiably sell more units and make more money, schedule a demo of our Firestorm Website Tracking system. We make what could be very complicated, easy to implement. Give us a call at 1-877-242-4472.

- Tory

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