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Ask Tory: How can my website perform better in 2018?

Tory Hornsby | 12/21/2017

It’s well known that the Powersports industry is a good 10 years behind the automotive industry in many areas, including technology. For several years now, automotive dealers have been taking 15 to 20 actual pictures of every unit, new and pre-owned, that is in their inventory and showcasing them on their website. I say “actual” to denote they’re real picture of each vehicle. They’re not using the same pictures over and over again when the same type of vehicle is back in inventory.


This has become an expectation on the consumer side, and it’s not just the automotive industry. Whether it’s Cragislist, eBay, Amazon or any other website, consumers want real pictures of what they’re shopping for. 


In this Social Media world, shoppers are craving authenticity. And the craving for ‘genuineness’ on the internet is increasing. So, the answer is… You absolutely need to be adding bona fide pictures of every in-stock unit in your inventory. 



I know what you’re thinking. “Tory, I have 50 or more units on the floor. Do you realize how difficult it is to take 10 pictures of each unit, import them to my computer, rename the files, organize, then find each unit on my website and upload those 10 images 50+ times? It will take forever! And I have to stay on top of inventory that’s coming in every day/week?” You’re right… it’s a huge hassle, but I’ve got good news. There’s a much easier way with Firestorm Websites. 


Firestorm Websites feature a Back Office Mobile App that’s loaded with features, including the ability to add/edit inventory, and add photos of your inventory to your website in real time. Simply open the app and click on ‘Inventory Missing Images’, then select the unit and take photos on the fly! No more importing, renaming, organizing and uploading, which save you hours every week. 


Websites containing multiple pictures of inventory have higher page views, increased visit duration, and more web leads. 


On a side note, all Firestorm Websites also include DMS inventory integration (units are added and removed automatically as they are received/sold), VIN Decoding (specs are automatically added for each unit), a Responsive Design & SSL Certificate (leads to higher Google rankings & conversions), and an all-new conversion point for units that takes the focus off price and discounting.


Want a quick and easy low-pressure demo, or to see some sites we’ve built?  Go to, or call 1-877-242-4472. You’re gonna like what you see. 


- Tory





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